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Fan control not available (blank) in Artmoury Crate with Ryuo 240

Level 7
So, made a schoolboy error and updated the firmware for my Ryuo240 from Armourty Crate. That opened the Update page on Asus website and (doh!!!) I installed the update. Now Ryuo fans are running really fast and the Fan Control section within Armoury Crate>Devices>Ryuo just displays a blank. The OLED, Lighting @ Firmware Update section do show.

How do I regain Fan Control?

Tried install AI Suite - that doesn't cut the noise any! What am I doing wrong in that ?

Level 9
Hello, they made some bug on that recently update through Armoury Crate (AC) and it broken AiO fan control in AC. I can tell you to wait for the them to be fixed. Same thing happens to me with Ryujin but my fans stays the same, coz it works with bios and uefi controller and settings should be stored in system memory for AiO, so I can´t change fans but it stays the sma like before...Maybe coz of your new FW it has been set to factory defaults...
On the other hand I am able to control Ryujin 360 with AiSuite 3, why u don´t is mystery.... Does Ai3 works for you?

AI3 controls appeared to work but actually had no effect.

I did a total nuke-reinstall of Windows. Took me and one of my company techies over half a day. Fixed, in the end.

Long term - anyone want to buy a 2 month old i9-9900K/Prime Z390-A/Strix-RTX2070S/64GB Corsair Vengeance/1TB M.2/Windows 10 pc?

Can't afford to have shonky software disrupt income.