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EZ Update Problem

Level 11
I keep getting messages from EZ Update saying to update the chipset driver. I proceed and all seems well and the update finishes. Then just to check that it has updated because I've already done this a few times in recent days, I check for updates using AI Suite III and EZ update. It then says I need the very same driver (I think) which I just updated five minutes ago. I then update again, and repeat and it says to update again. Then again, and again and again...

So does the system need an update and is not getting it? Or is the software just having a laugh at my expense? Or am I having de ja vu all over again or what? Help someone.

To further add to the drama, I've also manually updated from the motherboard's support page, which worked, but I still get the same thing from EZ Update--the system apparently needs an update. I've also tried to figure out what version is installed using EZ Update, but it is impossible to see the whole number and no part of it matches the number on the Support page. So there is always going to the Device Manager in Windows, but there is a long list of chipset components there, and which is which--well, hey... I'm not used to such simplicity (this is "EZ" remember) made needlessly complex by it all. Oh, the irony--EZ Update... Try "EZ in your Dreams Update."

To make a long story short... Arg.

Edit: Despite repeated downloads of this fabled "Chipset Driver," which appears to download and install problem free, I am still getting daily notifications that I need a "Chipset Driver." I am ignoring the notification now, but wonder how long this is going to persist, and how I will know when there really is a new update. Sheesh.

xyzbird wrote:
Latest EZ Update 3.00.11 doesn't work either. Best to set update schedule to None in the EZ icon under the bottom right hat to stop it. You could even go to Intel for their Driver & Support Assistant but the bit for the Chipset is a bit vague - as others have suggested, manually update the drivers.

If you want current EZ Update to be part of AI Suite 3.00.52, copy into the software and delete previous. Uninstall AI Suite (use AI cleaner?) and reinstall edited version. Got to admit I only use AI Suite for standard fan setting and never do any other fiddling.

Thanks for the info. Regarding Intel Driver & Support, all well and good, and I run it whenever I start my machines and have it installed on four pcs I use regularly. I'd also recommend it to everyone who uses a computer. The thing about this Intel app/software is that it does not work for chipset drivers for some reason. I have pointed out to Intel repeatedly that they should include chipset drivers when asked for feedback.

Sure, just manually update the driver, right? That is fine, and I have done that loads of times for my ROG motherboards over the years, but a couple months ago I read about some way for hackers to access your system. The article on the subject recommended updating your chipset driver. Hence I regularly started checking the support page waiting for a new, updated driver. Well, it took forever, and get this. I found the latest driver weeks later on a different page on the Asus website, and discovered that said driver on the one Asus page was not the same as on the motherboard's support page, which had not been updated. So there you go.

My whole experience in recent months with my supposed "flagship" motherboard, has been that Asus needs to get with it with the software. I love the hardware, but don't understand why the company goes to great lengths with great hardware, but is so lame in its approach regarding software. If they are going to make the software in the first place, and then not bother with glitches, etc., then why include it? Better to include a trimmed down version of it that is cheaper for the company to fix, than to include this glorious package with all these great utilities that in reality only half works, and can even be plagued with bad problems (GameFirstV had a brand new, top of the line CPU idling at 44 degrees--and this at cool ambient temperatures, and ran one of my CPU cores at 100% nonstop till I uninstalled it). The problem with their lame philosophy is that customers remember down the road when they are in the market for new hardware. Okay, most of the software is to help newbies, but those newbies are going to get really frustrated and may even feel cheated, and the rest of are just going realize we have thrown convenience to the wind in some cases because "EZ" solutions don't work the way they should.

Anyhow, thanks for the thoughts.

Level 8
Another source for drivers is Station-Drivers. Go to BIOS and source your board. Also there's access to most drivers in DRIVERS. S-D frequently update for those who need it.