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Error code 2: File Not Found - AsIO3.sys!!

Level 8
Rog Strix Z690 D4 board.

I just updated from Windows 10 to 11 and its a fresh install. Can't run Armory Crate or install AsusAI suite due to no AsIO3.sys file installed. Armory crate installs but doesn't launch. AISuite won't install at all.


-All devices in device manager are installed.

-I tried every step listed in my google searches with no help (most help articles are for Error Code 5).


-How do I manually install the AsIO3 drivers?

-Is there something I may have disabled / need to enable in Bios?

Level 8
Additionally, AsusCertService is not installed/running.

Exactly the same problem here. I'm trying to install either AiSuite3 from Asus or Ryzen Master from AMD, and both fail with Error Code 2.

Â*If there has been some attempts to clean the registry or registry cleaning software then give up now and reinstall windows or do without the software. I wrote the book on how to recover from these situations or the thread to be more precise. And while I might be able to do it, few people have the patience to follow my steps. Here is a relatively simple few steps that might work. 1. run armoury uninstaller and reboot. 2. Using the utility called driver store explorer check for any asus rog device drivers for rog mouse, keyboard, or other. And force delete and restart computer. This should also cause armoury live update service to be removed. 3. Run the ai suite 3 cleaner. And restart. 4. Install either ai suite 3 or armoury crate whichever was originally installed 1st. the ai suite 3 cleaner will only do its full cleaning if it thinks you do not have armoury crate installed. Â*

I would also suggest you pause windows updates while following my steps above.

Thank you! This didn't quite work for me, as I had already uninstalled AI Suite III, however, this was still good to know.

DISCLAIMER: the process mentioned above assumes installation of functioning AI Suite III to run AI Suite III Cleaner.

Level 7
Hi, I'm having the same problem, did you manage to solve the problem?


Level 7


i just got this problem today, need help to fix it. 



Level 9

Same issue here, just turned on my PC again today and voilá, not only that, wifi now delays turn on, and i have a ryzer mouse now the software ask to install each time i boot, what a mess... things were fine.😑

Same problem with me, today 06/02/2023, I turn on my pc and recieve this error code 2 with AsIO3.sys and the wify delays turn on. Yestarday it was ok.