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DRAM Voltage in TurboV Core with R6A

Level 13
I mentioned this in another thread a few days ago and now have some screenshots to illustrate the issue.

The rig is as in my signature - R6A, 7820X, DDR4-4400 DRAMs. TurboV Core version is 1.02.02.

I'm convinced the board is working correctly and the issue is either 1) a bug in this TurboV Core software or 2) some setting I have wrong.

When BIOS is set for 2.500 Vppddr, TurboV Core reads back the bios setting for DRAM voltage correctly - 1.55 in this case. A DVM on DRAM voltage ProbeIt measures 1562mv - within tolerance. Core and DRAM speed and stability tests work as expected - fully stable at 5.0GHz core and 4200c17 DRAM.


The only change is to reboot setting 2.400 Vppddr in bios. The DRAM voltage in TurboV Core is obviously bogus because the DRAMs still work as above. DVM on ProbeIt still measures 1562mv.


With 2.600 Vppddr set in bios, TurboV Core reads back another different DRAM voltage. DVM on ProbeIt still measures 1562mv and performance is still as above. Aida64 senses 1.55v for both Vdimm, so I don't think the sensing hardware is in error. (It's not ASUS software and not ASUS' problem, but note that Aida64 reports CPU Input Voltage where Core Voltage belongs. Sigh.)


In that other thread, I used the term 'wildly wonky' to describe the DRAM Voltage shown in TurboV Core. 3.03 volts qualifies for that description. For a workaround, I am sticking to 2.500Vppddr because those wonky readings scare me. In all past uses of DDR4, I have found the best setting for Vppddr to be a little lower - 2.35 to 2.45v, but I'm not likely to experiment with TurboV Core working this way. Dread to think what would happen to my DRAMs if I hit 'Apply' with more than 3 volts showing.

To summarize, the R6A is working well. Some software has to catch up, as usual with new CPUs and chipsets.

Level 13
Any response to this?

Confirmed here, will update when I have a fix.

Level 13
Anything on this yet?

Did an update get released and I'm just having problems finding it?