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Documentation for using Asus Com Service

Level 7
I have a plugin for MSI Afterburner and I'd like to add some sensors from my X570-I to it. In particular, the T Sensor which isn't connected to the Nuvoton chip and Afterburner isn't able to read out of the box. There are other sensor programs that are able to use the Asus Com Service to obtain sensor information, such as Argus Monitor and I'd like to do the same. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any documentation so far.

Would someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction? I'm also willing to access the EC directly, but the service seems like the preferred way.

Level 7
Still very interested in this if anyone has some additional info.

This is not exactly what you are looking for, and I agree that ASUS should provide some sort of API/SDK/etc interface and documentation for monitoring and control of sensors, fans, etc. AIDA64 has several interfaces for external applications which might be of some use for you; it manages to read T_Sensor on the Crosshair VIII Extreme.

I was assuming they did have a "public" API for the service since there's third party software that uses it, but maybe they just reverse engineered it. It looks like HWiNFO and LibreHardwareMonitor both access the EC directly, which I'm trying to avoid since it sounds like it doesn't really support multiple readers and I'm trying to do it the "right' way, which appears to be using the service. I should at least see which method AIDA64 uses.

Currently I run MSI Afterburner and Argus Monitor and my goal is to only have to run one piece of software. Adding AIDA to the mix doesn't really help on that front. It doesn't have a very good overlay when playing games.