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Disabled Keyboard shortcuts (no?) and default profile - GPU Tweak 2

Level 7
I don't know it must be me but I have more problems with this GPU Tweak 2 than everything else combined times two plus one.
First things first, I'm using v2.0.7.2 once I finally figured out what caused my issues in terms of Citrix Workspace App (anything newer than 1806 causes all version of GPU Tweak 2 to not start at all). So, I gotta ask because I can't find out:
Can I set OC profile to be the default? So that I don't have to open up the application window and explicitly chose OC mode. I set it to OC Mode and tried out "Apply settings each time GPU Tweak II starts" but it still switches back to Gaming mode seemingly randomly.
The more irritating part are the keyboard shortcuts. I disabled them... They're OFF, yet it I press Ctrl+Alt+T the main window pops up... with disabled keyboard shortcuts... Why did I disable them? Any fix for this? Or remove the keyboard shortcuts altogether but I can't seem to do that. And of course I can't set any special character only a-z0-9, but I pretty much use most of those already for work stuff.

Level 13
Another fail on ASUS software. I just tried the lastest just because I Like the one click game booster where it shuts down unnecessary services and dfrags ram. Sae sheet, different day. Wont save profiles. Maybe for one or two boots then its back to as it was installed. Using OSD willl screw things up majorly and no matter how many times I choose which to monitor and what order it goes back to defaullt every time. So uninstalled and back to using afterburner.