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[DIP5] Command line options, Fan Xpert don't keeps it's settings

Level 8

are there any command line options for Dual Intelligent Processors 5??

My problem is that on every restart I have to start the software and set my custom fan profile. Every fan is set differenz, especially my WPUMP+. On every restart it runs at 100%, if I enter Windows. I have to set it manually to my custom profile.

Also I set 2 exactly the same fans (Chassis 1 and 2) to the exact same settings and on almost every restart on of the fans activates "stop automatically" by itself.

In the BIOS settings I set up everything on the same %/°C as in DIP5.

I spend almost 300 bucks on this piece of hardware. What is going on here, this is a total mess!


Level 8

I figured out, even in live system running the WPUMP+ resets it's RPM to 100%.

Maybe DIP5 is automatically changing to "Away" and then back to "Performance"

Got anybody any clues?

Is this feature planned?

Are customers very ignored here?

What did I pay 300 Bucks for?

No comment from the support, no answer from the technical support. Only standardized mails and they got no clue. Next time I go better with another manufacturer. Thats ridiculus. Finally I went to an external fan controller and AMD Ryzen Master. Thank you for nothing.