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Device issue with windows 8.1 pro

Level 7
Hello everyone i'm right now having issues with the lastesd update of windows 8.1 pro in my "Maximus Formula V" ​ in device manager shows that one device isen't installed, well i use one software to find wich device is that and show me "Intel Gigabit Network 82579V" ​ after that i donload the lastest driver and try installed for my surprise the windows freeze every time i try to do that, i'm really disapointed because this motherboard says that have fully support for windows 8, other friends with other brand motherboards doesn't have this problem, even having same chipset Z77 and same cpu 2770k.

Level 13

This is not a motherboard problem. There must be something wrong with your Win8.1 media or install. Win8.1 has native drivers for the Intel 82579V and doesn't require any additional driver.

Hi good afternoon; my Windows is an original 8.1 pro, also i reinstalled completed the Windows thinking was a bad installation, later i instal the lastest bios available for my Formula V (1903) even all this the problem remains, so if that Intel adapter is supported by Windows 8.1, why is having this problem:


Level 15

Chino wrote:
Please take a screenshot of the devices under Adaptadores de red.

Here is the image you request


Level 9
How did you get all those things installed without a functioning network card?

Level 7
I had the same problem trying to install a WiFi driver on Win8.1 on my M5F. Every single time it would freeze up. Asus suggested I go back to Win7 as 8.1 is new and they might not have ironed out all the kinks...