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Crosshair Hero x570 custom waterloop, FanExpert cant control pump & fans properly

Level 7

tldr; I want to control fan and pump speed based on Water_IN sensor or both GPU + CPU temp, but that's not possible.

I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) with a 3900x, and a Asus 1080ti Poseidon Platinum. Cooled by a single loop 5 fan radiator and D5 pump, with temp sensor on the input. (see picture)

According to the manual (see screenshot) you're supposed to connect radiator fans to the CPU and CPU_OPT fan ports.

There's no option to change temp source on CPU fans (see screenshot), I guess that makes sense for most people, unless they want to hit thermal throttle all day.
I could adjust my CPU fans for a more agressive curve, but idle a 3900x sits between 38c and 50c, and 100% loaded im at 70c. So my fans would be spinning up and down all day. But I just want them at max once water temp is 10c higher than normal, and not wake me up in the middle of the night because an update pushed the cpu temp up 5c.

The option to select temperature source on the water pump is permanently greyed out (see screenshot), how do I enable it? I actually have no idea what temperature it even reads from, as its not displayed, could be anything really....
Pump PWM works fine.

Water In T Sensor works fine, but doing GPU heavy tasks the water temp can rise 12c+ without the cpu noticing, and fans + pump still run slow, because there's no way to react to it.

So, do I disconnect radiator fans from CPU fan connectors and use the High Amp Fan connector to better control fans? (it has source option)
Then I still can't control pump speed according to water temp... or any other temp.

GPU overclock becomes unstable during gaming, because CPU isnt loaded, and fans and pump keep quiet so water temp keeps rising.

Overall the motherboard has all the features to eliminate external water control systems (which i love), but software can't be configured for it.

I'm looking forward to any suggestions.

Level 12
What bios are you using ?

RedSector73 wrote:
What bios are you using ?

Version 1001

Should be the latest one, as of this moment.

might want to try this BIOS in the below post and see if they have corrected it

RedSector73 wrote:
might want to try this BIOS in the below post and see if they have corrected it

Thanks for the link, didnt know there was "secret" bios releases 😛 Will check it out, but I don't think it will do anything in Ai-Suite to enable source selection.

Reason for that is, I snooped around the fan control service exe and dll's, and found that they have fan info stored in :

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AsusFanControlService\2.00.77\

using an efficient data storage protocol by google, called Protocol Buffer :

By using to create a C# class, which I then imported into the protocol buffer Csharp examples, I am now able to read the (see attachment)

I should also be able to Edit the configuration and unlock Source and Multisource for all fans. But thats gonna be for tomorrow.

Well, that didnt work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ gets overwritten when fan control service restarts


I've had the same problem with fan control on my C8I, using multiple fans on the RAD headers + D5 pump and 3 temp sensors, but few day after opening a ticket with Asus, a new BIOS (1302) popped up on the support site and that's fixed my problem.
Fan control works as expected now, including multiple source with temp sensors and step down-up.

You have the same version available for your board as well, give it a go if you haven't done it yet.

Asus actually pushed out an update to the AI suite shortly after i posted this, which solved my problems.

Also got the 1302 update, will have a look and see if I have more options now 😄 ty