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control fan and pump speed based on sum of gpu and cpu temps via bios.

Level 7
I'm sure this has been brought up, but I'd like to know why we cant't have the ability to have control over our fan speeds with the GPUs in mind. It's clear that all information is going through, so why not have the option to have the fans/pumps adjust based on gpu just as much as cpu via the bios controls.

I am aware of speedfan and I do not like it, its not hardware based and not safe.

If we have the ability to make it easier, then why is it so hard to implement it? Even if you only use your own brand of GPUs? I'd be down to buy asus brand gpus if it meant that I can control my fans via the bios of an asus mobo.

This is a watercooling setup, so I may have answered my own question, but I'd still like to know. You've offered a wpump 4pin, why not access to the GPUs temps?

the only option aside from this is aquaero, correct? that requires temp sensors, more wires and so on. Which isn't 100% accurate and makes more mess.