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Compared BIOS on 4 ASUS Motherboards - What is Optimum for Windows 11 ?

Level 7
Was configuring BIOS settings on 4 different ASUS Motherboard computers, so I could upgrade them to Windows 11. Still have to upgrade PC #4, but it meets the PC Upgrade requirements. Take a look at the attached spreadsheet which shows inconsistencies within the BIOS settings for each. Is there a recommended setting I should go for on each of these PC’s, or doesn’t it matter?

Check out the linked spreadsheet, see the differences highlighted in RED:

• Row #3: Noted only PC #2 was set to “Secure Boot State: ON” in msinfo32.exe.
• Row #4 : Noted different Manufacture Version” numbers for TPM. Is this something that should be updated?
• Row #5: Three of the PC’s show Windows Boot Manager in the Boot Menu. But PC #4 shows nothing listed in the Boot Manager. Is this using UEFI Boot? Should it be changed somehow to Windows Boot Manager?
• Row #6: Look at the different PCH-FW Configuration verbiage though all are ENABLED. Is this simply the same setting but ASUS used different terminology for each different board (i.e. PTT=Enable?)
• Row #9: Different YouTube videos show that you should set “Launch CMS = Enabled” and then set the different Boot options. I only did this for PC #2. Though it doesn’t seem to be required to run Windows 11. Is this a better setting or should I simply set them all to “Launch CMS=Disabled”.
• Row #10: 3 of the PC’s are set to “OS Type=Other OS”, but PC #2 is set to “OS Type = Windows UEFI mode”. Again what is the optimal setting.

Since I went through this exercise thought getting them all setup properly would be a good idea, if someone has any guidance for me as to what would be optimal settings for running Windows 11.