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Can't they just re-write this shi*ty Armoury app? I just update BIOS and again nightmare.

Level 7

This ASUS app keep me from working efficiently, I have to spend 1-2 days fix this hassle of ASUS app every month. 

I update my BIOS and then bam, my device is gone from Device... only Fan Xpert is accessible (they still show on information page and after try reopen for few times they all gone with same 0hz). Without this I cannot change my ARGB header setting from Gen1 to Gen2, and I still don't know why after update BIOS they have to revert back to Gen1 every time.

Uninstall tool... Still not showing this time and I just fix it about 4-5 days before.


******, why all the reviewers never talk about this shi*ty app at all or they just test hardware for 1-2 days then finish their review? For me if anyone want to work efficiently, just avoid ASUS motherboard at all cost since wasting time on fixing this app is not fun and time consuming.

Why can't they fix this broken piece of app before releasing any new things.

ps. I manage to bring back my board information on first page and still not showing, da*n waste 4-5 hours for installing and uninstalling this ******.

2023-12-12 (3).png


Level 7

After waste about 4 hours of my life and work install and re-install this crap, I think I saw the issue.

As app Model Identifier Lastest Update = 2023 08 14 but BIOS update = 2023 09 28

So, this app couldn't detect my motherboard... such a crappy app and crappy product. I wish I could return this motherboard and went with others brand, now have to live with rainbow RGB straight to my face until ASUS update this da*n app.

2023-12-12 (6).png

Level 7

And now GPU is missing from FanXpert so I can't work at all since my GPU is workstation blower it need air intake, normally front fan should ramp up when GPU is at high temp.

What a load of crap, I still can't get this to work at all and ASUS don't seem to care since they just add some virtual pet to this crappy app like nothing happen.


*I have to use some 3rd party software, they detect GPU just fine but the motherboard maker itself cannot detect it. 

2023-12-12 (8).png