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Can't install any drivers/ROG stuff successfully after reinstalling windows

Level 7
I just re-installed Windows because my PC ran into a problem and it was rather annoying so I formatted the Window drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows.
I've been struggling to install any drivers for my laptop.

My touchpad doesn't work, can't control keyboard lighting, can't use Aura or ROG Center, Hotkeys don't work etc. (ROG and AURA installed correctly but ROG didn't work with the rog button on my laptop, it didn't show CPU stuff etc. AURA couldn't control anything, installed from both windows store and also asus site)
I have tried the drivers from official site for my laptop GL503GE and some of them did install perfectly like the nVidia driver. The rest were problematic or didn't work or gave me some "key" error.

I did not update the BIOS before installing those drivers, by the way. Could that be one of the reasons?

My laptop is only a month old and I don't want to ruin it. How can I fix all of this? I contacted Asus care and the girl told me the warranty is void if I installed new windows so I don't know if I can take it to the service centre or not.

Awaiting a solution,
Thank you.