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Can not apply Custom Fan Curve to my second R9 290X Matrix Platinum..

Level 7
GPU Tweak Version
Like title says have some difficulty adding Custom Fan Curve to 2nd card it just stays auto and custom fan curve only applies to 1st card 😕
Tried MSI Afterburner and it adds custom fan curves to both cards, but I rather use Asus GPU Tweak since I miss several tweaking features only available with the Matrix series inside Asus GPU Tweak... 😆

Also would been nice if the custom fan curve was more difficult to reset back to default and maybe a little less troublesome to adjust. Very often have to grab the adjustment points several times before being able to adjust.

Auto and Manual works on both cards, User Define(custom fan curve) only on GPU-1.
Seem to be same with ULPS disabled and enabled 😆

Noticed "User Define(custom fan curve)" seem a little broken on GPU-1 too. When choosing "User Define" the current fan speed becomes minimum for that card, until next time you choose "User Define" again

Noticed Disable CrossFireX with "custom fan curve" gives Fail popup pADL_Overdrive5_FanSpeed_Get, >>the R9 line is using Overdrive6<< and I wondering if GPU Tweak uses Overdrive5?. If so then there is no wonder there are issues 😆

Level 7
Update: Not sure first card match applied custom fan curve at all. Notice it runs 100% at 70-72C, even thou fan curve is set to hit 100% at 90C. 😕

Seem easier to adjust the custom fan curve, more lightweight with monitor on
and GPU2 show correct ID on monitor gpu selection 🙂

With GPU Tweak on turning CrossfireX off within Catalyst Control Center and >ULPS off< results in Blackscreen.
Screen goes black again if restarting and logging on.
With GPU Tweak on turning CrossfireX off within Catalyst Control Center and >ULPS on< seem to give different odd results.
First time GPU Tweak turned itself off.
Second time fans on GPU1 stopped spinning and GPU2 started instead... not sure I want to test that a 3rd time :S

Solved above by holding "shift" and clicking "restart" at login screen (win 8.1),
then choose Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Startup Options - Restart
> Safemode Mode to delete GPU Tweak folder and restart again
> Run Installer to uninstall rest (Uninstall thru Control panel works too I guess)
> CCleaner (Run Cleaner and Registry Cleaner)

Custom Fan Curve is still just added to GPU1 even with ULPS off 😆
Kinda helps OC having ULPS off, so all options are available for all cards not just GPU1. 😛

Installing AMD Catalyst driver (14.11.2 Beta) and then installing GPU Tweak resulted in blackscreen.
Same driver is fine with GPU Tweak, unless I try to turn off CrossfireX 😛
Noticed sometimes when turning CrossfireX off with ULPS on, values within GPU Tweak seem to drop slightly.
Id guess same happen with ULPS off, but it leads to blackscreen so can´t see values after change.

Could it be that voltage to the GPU gets to low at that point, cause GPU Tweak bugs out and change GPU(s) to lower values?