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Can I tell Aura Service to ignore / not touch a certain device?

Level 7
Hey everyone,

I'm using the latest version of the standalone AURA software (using AURA from Armoury Crate is useless for me since it still lacks the "static light by area" option that I need) to control RGB on some ROG devices. I also have 4 G.Skill TridentZ Royal DIMMs feat. a total of 32 LEDs which would be a pain to configure using AURA, so I use G.Skill's own software. Is there any "official way" to tell AURA to completely ignore the DRAM? I would like to try to avoid messing with config files because ASUS's software is notoriously buggy and changing a single digit in a single file could destroy the current and all future AURA installations until you use something like Revo to get rid of it completely ><

Level 13
Unintall it.

BigJohnny wrote:
Unintall it.

This is undoubtedly the best advice one can get regarding AURA software. Unforunately, ROG's Throne Qi headset stand, Balteus mousepad and the Riyujin AIO are not detected by OpenRGB or any other non-ASUS software. All I want for years is being able to easily set static lighting per device/zone (I don't need a fckng X-mas tree!), without randomly resetting on (re)boot or USB device desconnection, sudden unwanted sync and color change without any interaction and other bugs... too much of a challenge for ASUS I guess.