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bug tuf aura core - sorry but i didn't know where to ask

Level 7
Hello everyone!

Sorry if maybe it is not the right section but I thought to ask right here because because maybe to solve the problem just change a value in some file and the bug is solved instead I am not practical programming it would take me years while you maybe in 5 minutes you can.

I can't understand why the laptop's start keyboard has a high luminous intensity and as soon as windows starts the brightness is halved.
I have not set any energy savings so there should be nothing that affects the operation of the backlight.
This bug is only noticeable with the setting of a static color. I was wondering if it was easily resolved by changing some value within some program file ...

I don't know if you notice from these videos:

The folder with the program files (I think everyone):

Would anyone be kind enough to help me?

NB: The pc is asus tuf fx705ge-ew104t

ps. sorry for my english but i used google translator

Level 7

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