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Boot load priority cange, computer only has black screen

Level 7
I have a Asus G75vw and uppgraded the hard drive to a SSD today.
Took out the original hard drive and did a clean install of Windows 8.1 on the ssd drive.
So fare no problems at all, the computer started up as is should after the instalation.

I then wanted to use the origina HDD as a secondary drive, and put it in to the second slot on the computer. when i started the computer Again it loaded into the os of the old drive. that was not my plan.
I whent into the Bios and changed the boot options so that the ssd was on top. saved and restarted. now my computer won't turn on, soulds like everythins starts up but the screen i Black.

Dose anyone know how i can fix this?
or how to get the original boot priority's on again?

Hi JS_T1000, Welcome to the ROG forum. You will more than likely have to format your HDD. After doing that, set the Boot option 1 for your SSD.

Level 7
If there is no ROG logo, no bootsound, can't enter bios and you can't do anything, but turn of your notebook by holding power button for 10 seconds, then I have bad news for you. It's common bug in those models and you'll have to get it to warranty repair (my broke in the same way - while changing boot options).

What's funny is that G750 has the same bug, ASUS is screwing users of it's highest series of notebooks with buggy bios, they knew about it and did nothing to fix it...

Level 15
Boot your laptop, get into BIOS and look for Windows Boot Manager. If you see it, set that as Boot Priority #1 F10 to save and then reboot and you *should* be good to go