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bios led ec1

Level 8
after so many installs uninstalls reinstalls and wipes my board rgb's no longer randomly turns on..
nothing on the headers, or the board itself ( rampage vi extreme ) ..
i look in the bios and my led ec1 is gone.. empty.. tried flashback and reinstalling 1704 and still nothing...
so i think thats the problem, how do i reinstall the bios led ec1 driver ?

im using aura version 1.06.45 as thats 1 of the early terminal supported versions that doesnt crash
(yes ive tried about 10 different versions and 2 work)

Level 13
I got also some feedback regarding these. on amd board. Mine 2 days ago start making some ..... weird start. but for now is doing fine. i believe that the issue is on the chipset driver that on some boards, are making some odd communication with the app / hardware. on asus board AURA is a phsysial hardware chip that communicate with the app thru the chip-set driver (these is what i find out from my board) since MS is making a lot of changes on the OS maybe can be some odd stuff.

my best recommendation. try loading the the last drivers (eom) and then reflash the bios and load the aura again. I am taking notes with few board that i can have access to it. 4 days ago i work with a x299-E and aura was working fine with 1903 using oem last know drivers and the post audio engine. check and see works for you. But on the x470 my friend also rolls to that same version so aura can work. odd. is mix bag issues. on my code xi is working for the moment. but 3 days ago when i turn on the computer, my strips are off and turn on when the app kicks in. that is new. I check a code 80 BO (depend how you see it) start from there. on manual is that the board load code on the board. Is fine for the moment

I will take notes and report back!
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Level 8
nobody has any idea how to get this reinstalled into the bios?