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Aura Sync, Every Version!!

Hello.I have brand new X570 Crosshair VIII motherboard, and ASUS 2080Ti card, as well as ASUS monitor. I tried every trick in these forums, and actually repair upgraded my Windows (no way Im gonna reinstall from scratch because of this bs). And It wo...

ctank by Level 8
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Asus Software and Windows

Being an Asus hardware enthusiast does not mean you love the software. And the software... Well... Anyone familiar with the hardware knows, well, that Asus software works for a while, and then bam, it doesn't. The question is, why is that? It's b...

Secure Boot - is using Other OS

Second time I searched extensively I finally found some "hits" on how to disable secure boot. AIUI I don't need to worry about this being enabled if I'm using 'Other OS' in the Asus bios. Sorry can't find the exact version on my TUF B450M plus gaming...

Mac29 by Level 7
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Startup EPU mode and minibar

Hi, is there a way to have the power saving mode as the default mode at startup in AI Suite ? is there a way to set the minibar on the EPU mode choice instead of the fan mode at startup to ? I' looked for it, event in config files but I didn't find a...

armoury crate 2.5.6 CPU heat issue

hi i'm using g731gv laptop and armoury crate 2.5.6 is causes the CPU to heat above 50C by just starting the app on silent and above 60C in performance or turbo

sdarkdy by Level 7
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Aura function gone in Armoury Crate

Hello, I'm new here so any correction to my mistakes is greatly appreciated. So the problem I encountered is that Aura function is gone in my Armoury Crate after a Windows Update.^This picture shows that the aura button is missing from my Armoury Cra...

Armory Crate/Lightning Service

Is there a way to exclude devices. I did notice Lightning service does conflicht with iCue and grabs control over my Corsair RGB Memory causing issues. I would like to see a possibility to exclude this behaviour.

No Aura app in Armoury Crate

Because of Asus had stopped supporting Aura Sync, I've decided to install Armoury Crate.Asus Aura Sync wasn't easy for me (and this was the cause of change, too): old versions one day simply stopped launching for no reason, the newest one didn't dete...