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LiveDash application not working

Hi all, I recently bought a "X299-E Gaming II" motherboard and paired with my 9820X CPU.I wanted to config the livedash by installing the "livedash utility" as suggested in the user manual.Firstly, it was not found from the MB support page where I lo...

LiveDash - Asus Rog Ryuo

Hello,tried LiveDash with my new Asus Rog Ryou 240 on Asus Rog X470-F Gaming | Ryzen 7 2700x.On Tab AIO Cooler i can select Voltage from CPU / DRAM but it doesn't appear on the OLED Display. Same with all options from "Watercooling" like Water In / W...

Livedash Does not Show Watercooling Parts?

I have Asus ROG Ryujin 360 and my livedash version is 1.5.6 last version.There is a big problem that the oled screen does not show watercooling information water in-out-flowI alsa could not see any water temp sensor info on other software hwinfo, hwm...

sonic studio 3

Running astro a40tr mix amp and with that on or not connected sonic studio says the current system is not supported? Any ideas

LiveDash / Armoury Crate (Ryujin)

Hi Folks, So i have upgraded to the Armoury Crate.. It seems a little questionable, such as when i restart my machine, the OLED display resets to showing a GIF, rather than the cpu temp which its been set to over and over again.But i was wondering, I...

Power Management Tool/Utility

Hi co-Asus ROG owners,can i have your suggestion about my query.I have asus rog g501, and i want to have a power management tool that will stop the charging when my laptop's battery percentage goes into 50 or asus have this kind of software? o...

gambas43 by Level 7
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armoury crate/rog armoury issue

So I changed the SSD in my computer and I reinstalled windows.Of course I had to reinstall rog armoury too...After I installed it,it worked perfectly fine,but then I shut the pc down and booted it up again after a couple of hours,I opened rog armoury...

GPu Tweak II carshing games

The current GPU Tweak is crashing AC Odyssey, even with the OSD turned off. Works on the menus but crashes just before entering the gameplay during the loading screen.

DSD27 by Level 7
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