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LightingService CPU Usage/Clock Freq

I know someone is going to say that this issue has been brought up before but I cannot, for the life of me, find a solution to this.Recently built a new system: 9900K, Z390-E motherboard, Trident Z Neo 32GB-3600, all in a CM H500 case. All three of t...

benjee by Level 7
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Asus Aura - 2 color cycle?

Hi, my upcoming PC build is going to be 2 color themed. I am hoping that Asus Aura allows cycling between just two colors. At a glance, it seems like the only options are color breathing, which is just one color off/on, and color cycle which is cyc...

MGWHAT by Level 7
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AI Suite 3 tutorial needed please

Hi All,Does anyone know of a newbie friendly tutorial for AI Suite 3. I've done a YouTube search and the one's I've found are either for more modern mobo's (mine is a Maximus Hero VIII) or like 6 years old.TIADaz

Sound Drivers?

Hi GuysSo im a new ROGER.I was just wondering what soundcard driver do i need to install? im pretty confuse please enlighten me.please indicate which is necessary for gaming heres my spec.Specs - mobo strix z270fheadset - strix wirelessSonic studio 3...

Flint018 by Level 7
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Armory Crate - No devices at all! [PROGRESS]

So! Not just issues with Asus Aura but now also with Crate that Im forced to use since Rog Armory prompts to use Crate.. Installed Crate - all went fine! Opened up crate and no devices is showing up, Ive got the Gladius II mice and Flare keyboard. As...

Chrizzy by Level 7
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Gaming Center/fan not working

I have a ROG GL753VE the gaming center stopped loading a little bit ago. It said that it was trying to initialize but would never open. Then when I tried to open it again windows said that the app could not be found and the file was deleted. So I hav...

Missleading sticky topic about RAMCACHE

Hello,im using RAMCACHE III so i just wanted to tell you that this sticky topic here is super missleading when you are googling for a newer version of RAMCACHE. The topic would be less missleading if it would carry RAMCACHE II in title.The Difference...

Armoury Crate Unable to Control ROG Ryujin (0204) Settings

As the title says - I have the Armoury Crate app installed on my computer and my Ryujin has the latest firmware update (0204), but I can't control any part of the Ryujin from the Armoury Crate app, except for the Aura Sync RGB lights.I can't change t...

AI Suite 3 for older Z87 motherboard on Windows 10?

I cannot find an updated version of AI Suite 3 for my Z87 Pro. The only available versions are for Windows 7/8 on the downloads page. Nothing is listed under Windows 10. I currently use the Windows 7 version that came with the motherboard, as I initi...

kujen by Level 7
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