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Aura Sync 1.07.79 hangs when trying to enable spatha

Hi,As title. Aura Sync is now working for my claymore, but when I try and link my spatha, as I click save the application hangs and I have to reboot to make it useable again. This is on Win 10 pro 1903 build 18362.592.Any suggestions?I haven't tried ...

brian5 by Level 7
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Quick question about AsusMacroKey on a ROG-G752VY

I want to make some macros for the five macro keys that are on the laptop, I have AsusMacroKey installed, is there a ini file somewhere that records wat the macro is? like a txt document or something where I can view the key presses. any help would b...

Ryujin fans defaulting to 100%

Everything was running fine until a couple of days ago where everytime I start up Windows or if PC goes to sleep, the 2 fans on the Ryujin rad would spin at 100%. The above screenshot is showing the ryujin fan, when i first get into windows or when t...

Armoury Crate / lightingservice high CPU on RGB usage

Why does Armoury Crate have such high CPU usage if the RGB profile is set to anything but static? I am talking 5-10% on a Ryzen 3600 (TUF X570).Yes, I've tried everything possible I could search and find to get it to work i.e. uninstall, reinstall, u...

need update to fix the rotate 180 function of ryuo 240

Hello developers, I know you are doing the best to give us the one for all software that controls everything of asus hardware, but i am experiencing an irritating bug is that: I am mounting my ryuo 240 upside-down due to lack of clearance, and I was ...

Armory Crate not showing correct cpu frequency

Anyone else having issues after booting their computer after a shutdown and Armory Crate isnt showing the correct cpu frequency just stays stuck at 2600 mhz. On my Strix Hero III i have to do a restart for it so show up correctly. Is there any fix fo...

Pls Help Armoury Crate Problem

I updated the latest version bios I did a clean installation but I can't access the settings.Should I install Armory 2?2nd question: Ram and Graphics Card does not work synchronouslyS:Windows 10 ProHardware:Maximus XI FormulaRog Strix FlareRog DeltaA...