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Armoury Create non apre i dispositivi

Pur avendo disistallato e reistallato varie volte il programma, i dispositivi vengono rilevati ma non si aprono. Qualcuno sa come risolvere?

Aura Sync Can't see DRAM

Hi everyone, I tried a lot of stuff to fix this issue. but nothing so far I spend over straight 5 days. please let me know if you can give a hand.I tried clean installs with cleaning registry and reboots and deleting all the files of aura, also tried...

Leonio by Level 7
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Asus Aura Crashes Black Ops 4

Hi, Asus Aura crashes black ops 4, I run the game and at the start up sequence the game just crashes and I get a error saying Fatal error 0. After uninstalling Asus aura the game runs perfectly fine.

Aura - Livedash Issue

I have Aura 1.06.17 installed, does anyone know which Livedash version works with this Aura version?Thank you

Dkenan by Level 7
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Bios Update breaks aura and livedash

Just updated my bios to 0702 for my R6EO and Aura and LiveDash don't work. Worked fine with bios 0602. Latest versions of the software were working. Ideas? Thanks.

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Asus Aura and suite III Installation Problem

when i try to install Aura and Suite III I've error:an error has occurred while launching setupRemote call failedI had to unistall them with Revo Uninstaller because did not work and Windows Uninstaller gave the same error.i tried to use Aura Cleaner...

Armoury Crate Check The Service / Hal Service

Hey everyone,I've been struggling getting Armoury Crate to work for a while now, having had loads of issues with the Armoury Crate service. I've finally got it to the point where it will let me into the application however it still won't let me manag...

Aura sync 1.07.71 [not working]

Problem is;AuraService is currently unavailable. Please close Aura and check if AuraService is installed and started properly.I have tried everything. Reinstall, cleaned registry and file from users and program files. Result same:Check my system on m...

armax by Level 7
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Program detecting active on board ports.

I once used a program which showed a diagram of the motherboard layout and displayed the on board devices, pci pcie power plugs etc. Does anyone know what that program is? I have been searching around and cant seem to find it on armory crate or ai su...

No common color in Asus Aura

I have an Asus Prime 570-PRO motherboard. The problem is that Asus Aura works very strangely. When the rainbow mode is turned on, G.Skill's RAM shines with one gradient, RCCOOLER's water cooling with another, fans on the case with a third. There is n...

ihovsky by Level 7
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