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Program detecting active on board ports.

I once used a program which showed a diagram of the motherboard layout and displayed the on board devices, pci pcie power plugs etc. Does anyone know what that program is? I have been searching around and cant seem to find it on armory crate or ai su...

No common color in Asus Aura

I have an Asus Prime 570-PRO motherboard. The problem is that Asus Aura works very strangely. When the rainbow mode is turned on, G.Skill's RAM shines with one gradient, RCCOOLER's water cooling with another, fans on the case with a third. There is n...

ihovsky by Level 7
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What's going on with AI suite?

So, from what I can gather every other board even with the same chipset has a different version of AI suite available, depending from the board you can get some of the later versions installed, so I'm wondering are devs planning to finally standardiz...

Armoury 2 blocked tabs asks me to download Crate

HelloI just installed Armoury 2 version 3.00.43 for my Mouse Strix Evolve. When opening up the window it says "New software Release!" - Download and use Armoury Crate...I want to continue to use Armoury 2 and not Crate. How can I solve this? Do I nee...

goran69 by Level 9
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Armoury Crate, Corsair iCUE and Aura Sync - What a mess !!!

So im guessing the guy at Aura Sync had a meeting with the guy at Corsair and decided to let the iCUE software control the Asus ROG motherboard lighting too and in doing so just messed up my lighting...... now when iCUE boots on startup my AMD Prism,...

trKEVig by Level 7
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Aura Sync update

I try to find if anyone did this question and i didnt found nothing so im creating this thread. Feel free to move it if there is something related to this.So its an easy question: aura sync does an automatic update or I have to download it every time...

Wtf is wrong with sonic studio 3 and asus

So this software just will not install. Realtek drivers only will install. Not Console or Sonic Studio. Fresh install of Windows 10 completely updated before going to install and nothing. May as well take a hammer to the sound chip on my Strix E x570...

Help with Asus Software: Install it or No?

I need some advice on whether to install Asus AISuite 3, EZUpdate, and Armory Crate/Aura software or remove them from my system. What do these programs really do, are they necessary, and what are the benefits/problems? It seems that many users on the...