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Sonic Studio effects stop working randomly

As the title says.. i've had this issue for a year now and it drives me crazy. The effects just stop working at random after an hour or two.. sometimes in a few minutes and only a system restart will get them working again. I have updated drivers and...

Cant Get Sonic Studio Working Correctly

So I am trying to reinstall Sonic Studio. It was working when I first got the laptop but died soon after. Whenever I try and install it it will act like it is working, It will open the sonic studio window and everything but it never actually effects ...

Strix Z490-E - Missing BIOS option - IGPU

Hello,This motherboard is missing the standard setting where you can enable the IGPU with a dedicated GPU. Right now there's no way to enable the IGPU unless a monitor is plugged into it. This differs from past Asus boards where you can still enabl...

ROG Armoury II can't adjust wave speed for ROG Gladius II

Hi ROG,I bought ROG Gladius II and i did install ROG Armoury II. There's a bug on Armoury II whenever i set lighting effect as a wave and set it at a slow or medium speed, it did save unfortunately it only be able to save it at fast speed.But it work...

Nyaru by Level 7
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Some ideas about Armoury Crate

I really like Armoury Crate, especially the UI part. I know it is in Beta phase and it has great potential. In the future, is it possible to add the following features?1. Fan xpert4: Many users, like me, enjoys the benefits of Fan Xperts4 provided in...

Asus Tuf Monitor Software

Hello,I have VG27AQ. I want to change GameVisual mode without buttons. I have tried "Asus Display Widget" and "Asus Gamevisual" software but my monitor doesn't support these softwares. How can i do it? Please help.