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Solution for all ASUS software

simple answer - uninstall it. It doesn't work, or if it does it won't work properly. Seriously guys - save yourself the stress and just don't bother with any software released by ASUS - their hardware is fine but their software sucks ass..

Audio buzzing

hi guys,I have some issue in my laptop speakers (ROG strix) its buzzing like anything .I tried different ways to solve but none worked.IDK what happen even right side speaker volume is very low.please suggest me a solution.

ROG Spatha firmware

Hi there.I have downloaded and installed the latest formware for my ROG Spatha in an attempt to obtain a devices tab in Armoury crate (This didn't work btw).Firmware versions now can be found below.Since updating the firmware, I have had the followin...

Sonic Studio/Radar 3 conflict

I'm only saying this because in the game (Forza Horizon 4) these issues never happened on my Maximus X formula which had the same software -- I'm aware the sound cards may be different for a start but I did not expect this when switching over to a ra...

Ctrl-Z.. undoing AI Suite

Ok, So I downloaded AI Suite 3 because I noticed that my RAM was running at 2133MHz when it should be good up to 3600..When you first run AI Suite, it asked if you want to do the 5-way optimization. So I thought to myself, "well, alright, it's gonna ...

Gigabyte Aorus 2080 Super Waterforce RGB dont work....

because of this piece of crap software Asus Aura , Asus Amoury Crate !Why can't Gigabyte and Asus manage to develop uniform software for controlling the RGB functions?It's a shame what big companies like Gigabyte and Asus deliver to their costumers !

Riplex by Level 7
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