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AI Suite 3: What is custom Logo Native Format?

I tried to use AI Suite 3 (EZUpdate V3.00.11) to flash a BIOS (B365M-A) with a custom Logo.It is a simple logo.I have tried every format (BMP, JPG and PNG), but in the end the custom logo will appear with a lot of visible washed out jpeg-like compres...

ROG Throne Qi and Armour Crate

I can't get my throne qi to update to version 0027 5/19/2020. It gets almost all the way done and just stops, the error code is 18. I found a thread that says to power cycle and it updates which does work but doesn't actually update. A bit later the ...

ASUS EZ UPDATE Software not updating drivers

I keep getting this thing called EZ Update popping in my screen telling me that I have a new update. I click Connect and the EZ Update tells me that there is a new update called ( Intel Chipset driver . The current version of the Intel Chip...

asus sonic suite 3 false positive ?

Hi i was going thru some programs and got some chance to remove them as thay were flaged by virustotal, only program left thats malicous is sonic studio 3.exe and virus total gives this wich i hope is a false positive (Sonicsuite3.exe): Zillya Trojan...

L3dman by Level 7
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I Need Help With Drivers!!

Hello everyone.I have a ROG G752vl I downloaded the drivers from ASUS support website for my model and they were not the latest (all of them are from 2018 and 2019) However, both asus live update utility and windows update are not giving me updates. ...

Mo_absi by Level 7
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Flash and Dash not working at all in Aura!!

Has anybody made it to work? It just switches all off. I m on z490 with latest bios and drivers. I m on thermaltake tt sync cotroller, every other effect is working just fine.Any help?

Sonic Studio 3 & Sonic Radar 3 fix.

I like everyone else have been plagued with both these pieces of software always crashing. The problem is that I really like the software and I used to have it working. After a lot of testing I have finally found the problem. You need to go in to you...