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Armoury Crate Greatness ( /s )

A final rant after which i'll never ask for help again since this is the last Asus hardware i'll ever own.ROG Crosshair VI Hero + Asus RX580 TOP OC + Asus Claymore + detachable numpad + Armoury Crate (since Claymore's software tells people to upgrade...

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uninstall or disable updates for Sonic Radar 3

Hi, playing CS-GO and I get the stupid "your computer must restart to update Sonic Radar 3" dialog, which interrupts the game and forces me to click it to get it to go away.I have never used Sonic Radar, I have not interest in it, why the HELL is it ...

Mouse Macro Quesiton

Little disappointed in ASUS for not including an option to make recording Mouse Movements possible, Corsair and many other companies did this already why are they behind?Has anyone figured out a way to make a mouse movement macro for ASUS mouses?

xovague by Level 7
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Armoury Crate

Thanks for reading. The message is elsewhere. Have a good day

cekeu by Level 12
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Sonic Radar Turned Itself on, Cant turn off.

Today sonic radar somehow turned itself on. i cant find how to remove it because its not even installed. but somewhere it is? its not listed in my programs anywhere.ive tried installing the newest sonic suite but that doesnt install sonic on...

Aura Service Not Available

Just built a friends computer for him i.e Maximus XI Hero, 9700K etc... Installed Windows, All needed drivers i.e motherboard, GPU, Latest Windows updates and as usual Aura doesn't work, I've tried uninstalling, Doing a fresh Windows install and inst...


A question about AI suite 3 ( Cpu Fan Issue)

I have a question for you pros. I recently just finished my build and got pretty much everything going good. The one issue that I do see is that my AIO Corsair H100i pro rgb. The Fan expert thing does not pick up or show any info on the cpu fans, I h...

GPU Tweak II : External Fan Speed is missing

as title say, the "External Fan Speed" is missing in GPU tweak III have 2 fan connected to the graphic card (ROG STRIX 2080 Super), they work well when connect to motherboard (ROG STRIX B550 E Gaming).i have clic on the little circle with dots to see...