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strix raid soar/dlx/pro drivers signature

hi i just report a driver problem with the strix raid sound card series.the drivers supplied not the cd rom as well as all those that the asus site offers they are outdated digital signature i used the card on my old configuration without ever having...

Punkyus by Level 7
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Asus Gaming Center - GPU Perf Limiter malfunction

Hi!I have an Asus GX501GI (Zephyrus with 8th gen i7 processor). Until yesterday everything was fine. But now I notice fps drops. It appears that GPU Perf Limiter is on Power instead on Utilization. It does switch to Utilization but only for short amo...

Fan Xpert4 "extreme quiet" causes fans to pulsate on and off.

i have a x570 TUF wifi board with a ryzen 5 3600.i set up a profile and if i enable the "extreme quiet", which enables me to turn off the fans at idle, it causes them to turn on and off doesnt even matter that i set the ON part of the...

Need Help Working Out Cause Of Unexpeceted Fan Behaviour

A few weeks back I clean installed windows 10 and then updated GPU drivers, GPU Tweak II ( and GeForce Experience and found Nvidia drivers had new "Performance" overlay that gave GPU stats. After I enabled experiemental features and found the new ov...

Rogue72 by Level 7
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GPU TweakII V2.2.1.0 wont save my OC

I have a strix 1080. Just downloaded the new gpu tweak and i want to enter my OC. So i enter my gpu (1945) speed and pres enter pres aply and it jums back to (1898). it this program getin wors and wors?

Realtek drivers for Z270H not working.

So I had to uninstall Sonic Suite and Sonic Radar because the V6.0.1.8273 drivers don't seem to work. I can hear audio fine in movies, music, youtube etc. but not in games. For example Tomb Raider has sound during cut scenes but not in the actual gam...

Matuzz by Level 8
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List of Games that support Aura In-Game Effects

The only two games I've played so far that support changing my LED colors are Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Tropico 6. I'd be interested to know if there's a working list anywhere of games that support this feature.Thanks,DK

BIOS updated by itself...?

Hey all,Trying to understand if there is any way the bios on my 703GS Scar laptop would update itself without prompt. I ask because: I left my house today for 3 hours, leaving the laptop in the lock screen I came back to find my bios password prompt,...

AURA SDK - Projects and Apps List

Share here your applications and your ongoing projects that use the AURA SDK. AuraSDKCSharp by InhexSTERDescription: C# wrapper for AURA SDKGitHub: by opticalgenesisDescription: AuraCUE is a .dll exte...

AkaNe0 by Level 10
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