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GPU Tweak II and Strix 3090 external fan

Having problems getting an external fan recognised by the GPU Tweak II - the controls for external fan are not showing.Updated to and Nvidia driver to 457.30, but hat hasn't changed anything.I have also set up a task for the ASUSGPUFanService...

papapa by Level 7
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GPU Tweak II Default Profiles are not configured

Hi, I tried using GPU Tweak II on my Asus ROG Strix GL503 laptop with nVidia GeForce GTX 1050-Ti GPU but all default profiles such as "Gaming mode", "Silent mode" etc. have all the settings set to the lowest possible except target temperature (which ...

Please create an Armoury Crate that IS NOT UWP

I continue to encounter numerous issues with the UWP version of armoury crate. Windows repeatedly fails to install it, giving me stupid error codes like 0x80073D0A, and just telling me theres a problem, without any details.This is the 6th time that i...

AURA SYNC cant see my motherboard, LED doesnt work. HELP!

Hi! As the title says, the AURA SYNC cannot see my motherboard, and the led doesnt working on the MB shield, and dont know why... I just updated BIOS, tried to set all the settings to default in BIOS, then restarted PC, went into BIOS again, and ...

woulzz by Level 7
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Asus Aura doesn't work in any way.

Good evening. I have a rog strix z370 g and windows 10 version 1909 I have tried many versions of aura in all ways, I have tried to delete registry keys and remaining folders of aura but when I install aura it does not see me any compatible device! I...

MaxWrt by Level 7
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Asus Keyboard Hotkeys

The keyboard hotkeys app from the store is not working on my laptop. I want to toggle the fn keys and special keys. I can't seem to find the problem.The settings is not present in the Myasus app as well. I only have charge settings in the hardware ta...

ishuxbox by Level 7
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Asus System Interface V2 Drivers [Resolved]

They have been broken on my Zephyrus Duo GX550LX since Both and continue to not function on my device. Can we get some effort into correcting this? When the laptop boots up, only the drivers will load whereas ...