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PCI Simple Communications Controller

Good day everyone,I am unable to find a driver for this device. I seen some posts in the past where it was recommended to use another motherboards driver but those were from 2017 and I am looking for some help on getting this driver installed. Doe...

MadHaTr by Level 7
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Armoury Crate UWP APP (

Hello, I hope everyone had a good weekend. I am having multiple issues with AC. 1. It no longer detects my G.SKILL memory. 2. When I click on ROG RYUJIN/Mobo, the app crashes. I have done a deep clean. I have removed the AC and reinstalled it. The sa...

samefte by Level 7
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aura issue

Sorry but this isn't about sound problem this about asus aura i had this problem today anyone can help me to fix this ?

Aura 1.07.79_V2.1 tried this? Currently on Aura 1.07.79 at the moment.

humbala by Level 7
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My asus : where are the options ?

I have many issue with asus softwares (seems im not the only one)digging for solution i have found some post asking for update things with MyAsus... but I dont have ano options availableis there a way to get a MyAsus that have someting in it ?

Color me frustrated!

So I have 2 issues today. 1. I seem to be unable to get aura creator to recognize my gpu ( Strix GTX 1070). It does recognize everything else and thats great! I have done all of the preliminary foot work i.e. - Fresh install of armoury crate, mak...

Armoury Crate Greatness ( /s )

A final rant after which i'll never ask for help again since this is the last Asus hardware i'll ever own.ROG Crosshair VI Hero + Asus RX580 TOP OC + Asus Claymore + detachable numpad + Armoury Crate (since Claymore's software tells people to upgrade...