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Armoury Crate bricked my gladius II?

Just how did this happen? All i did was try out different preset surface calibrations in the mouse's settings page in armoury crate then set the lift off distance to high then decided these preset surface calibrations aren't good so i just moved on t...

fbajjar by Level 8
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Set Aura to color when not in Windows

I have an X470-F Gaming motherboard. So here's how it goes. My PC is off, the motherboard's LEDs are rainbow, as soon as I turn the machine on, they turn to red. It isn't until I boot into Windows and Aura starts running that they can change to anyth...

Where Do I Start With ASUS Utilities?

Hey all,So I recently purchased an ASUS ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502LU - BI7N4 (i7/GTX 1660ti) and I received it used and factory reset, so there didn't appear to be any ASUS software on it. I'm very new to the gaming laptop community, and will mostly use ...

DrBob by Level 7
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Armory Crate cant update ASUS HAL Central

After today bunch of updates im getting error code 11- we cannot finnish the instalation , please restart your system and retry on ASUS HAL Central.I restarted it few times with no progresss .. it keep showed it.I tryed to reinstall armory crate wit...

GPU tweak II with KB4601319 security update issue

Hey together,I have an issue with GPU tweak II : every time I activate the OSD, other programs crash to desktop. After uninstalling and reinstalling the windows security update KB4601319 I can confirm this update is causing this behavior and it hap...

twanmal by Level 7
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GPU Tweak 2 CPU Temp OSD

Hi All,I have a question about GPU Tweak 2 and monitor the CPU temp using OSD when gaming.With the OSD utility i'm able to get all the statistics excep the CPU temp.Any clue about why ? Thanks in advance.Case: nox hummer zs black Nox-xtremeMob: h61H2...

RasRX by Level 7
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GPU Tweak II and III

Hi I ran Tweak II for a bit and it worked OK. Then it stopped reading, just zeroes. IT then stopped me from opening anything. I had a heck of a time uninstalling it had to reboot and uninstall before it loaded. Any ideas?

Ryujin OLED temperature delta vs. CPU sensor?

Hi all,been noticing a gap of about 5°C lower temps between the OLED display on Ryujin and the actual? HW sensor read out from various utilities.Does the display/LiveDash not use the actual CPU temperature sensor, or what is the issue here? Anyone se...

DavyDee by Level 7
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