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Turbo App - Off after reboot?

When I create app profiles and enable the ASUS Turbo app from the AI Suite 3, after reboot it is turned back off. Any way to not have Turbo App not turn off after reboot?

Certain Aura Effects Not Working

So recently I have started having problems with Aura Sync,The main effect that I use which is flash and dash has stopped working,None of the LEDs light up,Most of the other effects work fine,All software is up to date including bios,I've tried uninst...

Audio Issues

Anyone else has had issues with no sound even with wired headphones and earbuds and can only use Bluetooth devices? I have only used Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth earbuds and headphones for like 2 years I have finally updated to Windows 11 and con...

Usb charger plus not working

heya,i've just installed a fresh windows10 on a SSD to remplace the original HDD on my FX53VD i just got.everything was fine until i started using the USB charger + software, it was working while using the original windows10 on the HDD but not anymor...

Asus Setup or Setup?

When I download new updates like "Utilities"there are always two allternativ setups.1.AsusSetup2.SetupWhat should you runI'm confused.

Mazinga by Level 7
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How to turn off RAM RGB when system is in sleep?

Hi,I just got my ASUS ROG Strix X570-E motherboard with G.Skill RGB memory. I was able to control the RGB on the RAM using Armoury Crate and on my motherboard I set to turn off all LED when system is in sleep. However, the G.Skill RAM doesn't seem to...

louis925 by Level 7
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My phone number stops working after updating to android 13

Hello everyone, I think there's a problem with my rog phone 6 because before I updated it to android 13(previously 12) my phone number works properly I can make and receive calls, but after I update it to android 13, my sim or phone number just stopp...

Chosö by Level 7
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