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GPU tweak 3

My post gets removed for calling a program trash>? check my profile its mostly about issues with gpu tweak2 I've installed this, i go to settings and click do not run at start up. WHY is this program running at start up, look at the screenshot, why h...

AURA no longer launching on startup

Not sure if this is due to a change in Windows, but the Lighting Service is no longer applying my chosen settings when I start the computer. I have to launch AURA once, and then it applies properly.I recently did a clean install of Windows so there ...

XPG S40G speed being killed by Aura

The software between these two companies is a joke. The XPG software had to be installed for Aura to see the drive. If the LED is turned off on the XPG software it links into Aura so bad that it shuts my ram RGB off also. If I go to Aura and hit the ...

scgt1 by Level 8
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Asus Ryujin Livedash Software

Hi,This week I got my new Asus ROG Ryujin cooler, however, the Livedash software to control the screen can not be found on the site of Asus. Does anyone know where to find this software?Thanks in advance !*

Boss_076 by Level 7
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Sonic Studio 3 donwload help

I have recently bought a new Maximus Hero XIII, however I cannot seem to find a link to download sonic studio 3 software. I tried the downloads in the Hero XIII page of course but there are only audio drivers there and when I installed those, SS3 di...

moghzu by Level 7
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As much as I like ROG products, I have to say that they make some of the worst software I've ever seen. So much so that I finally sold my ROG Spatha and Claymore because I was tired of dealing with Armoury. The Spatha I thought was incredible. I l...

Asus GPU Tweak II - Won't Start

Hello everyone,I have been using Asus GPU Tweak II since I got my first Asus GPU.It has sadly stopped working and I can't seem to be able to fix it Whenever I attempt to start the software, then it says "Suspended" in the Task Manager.These are the t...

Sveiny by Level 7
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