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GPU Tweak II FPS counters all disappeared from Monitor panel

Hello, I noticed that after the Nvidia Experience client got updated all the FPS counters disappeared from my GPU Tweak 2 monitor panel. GPU Tweak II it's in its latest version which is I'm pretty sure Nvidia changed something because ...

LightingService.exe causing 5 % CPU load:

Hello.I have never noticed that this process was causing such high CPU load that my Core i9 would not get to idle until i kill this process. That is not normal?Windows 10 1909 (Build 18363.778)Armoury Crate (Up to date)Let me know what you n...

revealed by Level 9
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Sonic Studio III effects

Couldn't find information on this any where so I figured I would ask here. Does anyone know if there is a bit rate and hz limit on Sonic Studio III's effects? As in do they work at 24bit 96hz or only at 16bit 48hz as an example or does it simply not ...

Sonic Radar 3 not identifying War Thunder

Hello!I have the latest version of the Radar app, but the app doesn't identify War Thunder (aces.exe) at all.It detects in-game 7.1 sound, gives direction, etc. but I can't use the overlay because of this.Tried reinstalling, etc. but no change.

ArmourySocketServer and AAC MB HAL crash when playing RDR2

Hi Forum!I have a desktop PC built on an ROG Strix B550-E gaming Mobo. My drivers are up to date, fresh downloaded from the mobo's Support/downloads page. I also have Armoury Crate installed, having all devices up to date there too. I have some ARGB ...

MEZesUBI by Level 7
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AI Suite Fan Xpert 3 with fan extension card

I have a maximus viii extreme motherboard and I am using the fan extension card that came with it. When I use fan tuning with fan xpert 3 it doesn't recognize the card and sets them at full speed 24/7.

Majority of ZIP downloads fail. Invalid archive!

Armoury Crate was in an endless loop downloading any updates at 55%.Virtually any & all downloads of practically all ZIP files resulted in INVALID ARCHIVE when trying to Unzip or extract with Windows, Winzip, WinRar, 7Zip.Including BIOS update files....

Bobul by Level 7
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