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GPU TWEAK in geforce GT540M Asus N53SV-MA1

Hi there i dowloaded the 2.0.3 GPU tweak, but is not working on my Asus N53SV-MA1, the installer ask me for reboot, and then when i try to run the utility it never comes up.I know that this utility is designed for newer cards, but its very sad that t...

[Bug] 2.0.3 Multi-GPUs

I currently run 3 monitors. The middle monitor is run off of a GTX 580 and the two side monitors are run off of a GT 520. Whentuning the 580 (GPU Link mode OFF) the two side screens start artifacting and spazzing out until the driver eventually cras...

helrich by Level 7
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GPU Tweak question

Hey,I'm having an issue with overclocking my Asus GTX560 DC II OC. Using GPU tweak I OC it to 950/1200/1900 on 1.087 volts. During load the temps reach 56C Max with the fan on 100% yet sometimes after 2-3 hours of gaming my GPU will start throttlin...

GPU Tweak on the Asus G73SW-3DE

Hello, I'm wondering what will be the best clock for both memory and Core for the G73SW.Currently Im using 775core and 3000mem as I'm afraid that the G73 will overheat.I realized that the GPU Tweak is unable to change my fan speed and the GPU voltage...

Tigital by Level 8
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Recording games not able? ASUS HD6950 DirectCU II 2GB

The beta and offical release of GPU TWEAK, works perfect with my ASUS HD 6950 2GB start up in seconds and always stable..the only thing I'm wondering is the Record feature Is greyed out? is this because my card does not support this? I figured it was...

slaytus by Level 10
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Cannot overclock in 3D mode only

Hi there, i have a problem with that " force 3D mode only " option and my 6870 DC card. The problem is as follows - if i disable 2D mode and run any OpenGL or Direct3D application the card is forced to stay in full power, which is great. But as i cha...

madmav by Level 7
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gpu tweak

any update on the release date of the new gpu tweaksorry i thought i read beta and i thought that was the first version

geo22 by Level 7
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what does it work with?

does this software work with any kind of videocard? i am currently using an asus gtx260

Calin by Level 7
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Asus GPU Tweak - Please Help

Hi everyone,I am a big newb when it comes down to tweak and OC.However this new ASUS tool seems very easy to use.Could anyone please explain me how to use? I did find some threads on this website describing what this tool does but I wasn't able to fi...