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Massive problems using Asus Gtx 580 Matrix and GPU Tweak

Hi there,i have massive problems using the Asus GPU Tweak Tool with my 580 Matrix. have tried the versions 2.0 and 2.0.31.) if i save a profile with "user define" fan speed and load this profile on startup it sets me the fan on 0% and it is not possi...

Badt by Level 7
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Asus DC HD6870 overclock higher than 1GHZ.

Hey guys!I wanted to overclock my HD6870, the asus DC version.I can only change the Vcore with the Asus GPU Tweak tool. But i have got a little problem with it. I can only overclock the GPU Clock up to 1000Mhz. But im sure i have got a very great GPU...

Asus Oc gear problem gtx 580 matrix

i bought a gtx 580 matrix and is tried to install smart doctor to use my Oc gear smart doctor tells me there is no asus card ...afterwards i tried gpu tweak it worked...

ASUS GPU Tweak with a HD5850

Hey,Downloaded and installed with no problems, looks nice but thats about it. I cant get the GPU or Memory clocks any higher than i can with ATI's own tool and GPU voltage dose not show at all . Is there a way to get this to work with a HD5850 , am...


Official Launch Version (with download link)

Download Link: launch version is I should be kept updated when newer versions are released in time

X-ROG by Level 15
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Requesting a list of supported graphics cards

Dear ROG Team,My first post here and let me begin with a big Thank You for everything ROG. Will you'll be providing a list of supported graphics cards for GPU Tweak?Or a thread for supported/non-supported cards, both ASUS and non-ASUS, as tested by y...

Retired by Not applicable
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GPUTweak - Various bugs

Hi,Just thought I'd post some bugs to see if its just me, or something that needs fixing1. Voltage from profile is not been applied on startup.I'm running my GTX580 DCII at 875 with 1138Mv. When the PC boots GPU Tweak correctly applies the 875 clock,...

Cephas by Level 7
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GPU TWEAK in geforce GT540M Asus N53SV-MA1

Hi there i dowloaded the 2.0.3 GPU tweak, but is not working on my Asus N53SV-MA1, the installer ask me for reboot, and then when i try to run the utility it never comes up.I know that this utility is designed for newer cards, but its very sad that t...

[Bug] 2.0.3 Multi-GPUs

I currently run 3 monitors. The middle monitor is run off of a GTX 580 and the two side monitors are run off of a GT 520. Whentuning the 580 (GPU Link mode OFF) the two side screens start artifacting and spazzing out until the driver eventually cras...

helrich by Level 7
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GPU Tweak question

Hey,I'm having an issue with overclocking my Asus GTX560 DC II OC. Using GPU tweak I OC it to 950/1200/1900 on 1.087 volts. During load the temps reach 56C Max with the fan on 100% yet sometimes after 2-3 hours of gaming my GPU will start throttlin...