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Cpu Temp reading feature on next tweaks update?

Hai guysI was wondering if this feature will or can be added on the next update of this prog?! Beceause the "rog probe II" isn't compatible with my mobo & the only prog i found in my dl section is " asus pc suite II":confused: I realy prefer the rog ...

RoG1 by Level 7
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Problem with Asus GPU Tweak

hello guys, okay?I have four Asus HD7970 and I'm having trouble increasing voltage in all....I can only add voltage in the 1st GPU....someone could help me?I am using the version.....Thank you for all

Faster by Level 8
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GPU & Memory Clock Setting Issues

Hi, I decided that I would update from the BETA version of the tool, which I have not used in some time to the current ( as I wanted to get a little more performance. Everything works perfectly fine apart from when I type in any number for th...

SliScar by Level 7
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Voltage Tweak

Hello!We all know that the GPU-Tweak is far from ideal, there are compatibility issues with games using unofficial overclocking and with other programs. I would like to ask the developers, not to pass by experienced users perplexed problems with this...

Martix by Level 7
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GPU Tweak 3.0 late...

So GPU Tweak was supposed to come out in March, it's April 1st today. Was just wondering what's happening? Will there be a definite release date soon?

Physorac by Level 7
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Latest GPU tweak 2.083 not holding voltage setting on mem

I have three ASUS 7970 and the voltage control on them as been hit and miss with previous versions of GPU tweak. This has always been the core not holding correct volts though. Say you set 1.4v in GPU tweak but it actually gets 1.39. The memory has a...

8_Pack by Level 12
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Found something intresting...

Hello all, newbie here.I have a reference Visiontek 4850 and was looking for programs to tweak the voltage for a small overclock. I tried pretty much every overclocking tool under the sun and only one gave me a way to change the voltage, ATi Tray Too...

Alias by Level 8
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GTX 580 Overclocking

I'm using a Gigabyte GTX 580 3GB at stock 772MHz, I want to overclock it higher for gaming purposes. At stock (772MHz,1050mV), ambient is 39C, and 60C while gaming (Skyrim, BF3, Mass Effect 3, etc.). I'd like to overclock it higher, any approximation...