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I am having problems with Asus GPU Tweak. It can't enable recording. I wold really want to record my gameplay. Thanks for all answers! FX-6200 3.8GHz 14MB 6-cores -processorAMD 970 -chipset motherboardAMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB...

4lper by Level 7
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CCC overwriting gpu tweak OC??

Hey guys ive been facing an issue with gpu tweak, ( i restart either my PC or just my GPU, all OC values are lost, well... infact they do show up saved as they should in the gpu tweak console, the OC there is shown to be used, however...

Eugen_M by Level 7
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New to GPU teak, couple questions

So i bought the 7970 DCU II From Asus. Nice card btw...I installed GPU Tweak and its saying my GPU clock is 925 Mhz, Memory clock at 5500 Mhz. And then there's the fan speed.So my question is, What would happen if i cranked the GPU clock and Memory ...

Zero_exe by Level 10
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GPU Tweak + AiSuite II

Ok i just straight to the point.I got a Asus M5A97 and Asus Geforce GT 550 Ti,This set do me good until the christmas eve,[edited: i got this set running the Windows 7 SP1 64bit without the UEFI Hotfix, under UEFI=off][edited: since the Windows 7 64b...

velhart by Level 7
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Extreme fan settings

Hi all,I'm wondering... are not the GPU fan settings too extreme? Looking at the graph the fans remain at 20% until 65ºC, and until 85ºC the fans does not rise. Is at 85ºC when the fans rise to 50% and at 95ºC rise to 75%IMO this settings are too har...

leVel10 by Level 7
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GPU Tweak only works

Hello ROG community, i have a Asus HD 6770 and i cannot upgrade past version If i download a newer version, i am able to run it, although nothing pops up, task manager shows GPUTweak.exe for about 3-5 seconds and then it disappears. Does any...

nenad285 by Level 7
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