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Hello there,does anyone know how to set up equalizer for ROG Delta S headphones? I'm struggling with EQ and have zero experience with this. I mostly play CS:GO and FPS like Insrugency: Sandstorm and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, so i need to hear footstep...

ASUS Aura update tool

Hello Asus,I've recently boought Crosshair VI Extreme and after update to the latest bios v7901 i had some random issues with my RGB header and MB owns Aura Sync then i tried to flash this but could chipset RGB controller be broken?. Tried to downg...

E33et by Level 7
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AI Suite 3.00.54 stop working on w10 1909

HelloI use the "x99-e-10g ws" motherboard with the ASUS_AI_Suite_3_V3.00.54 program and it works soon as I upgrade to w10 1909 from the previous build the program cannot see the "intel mei drivers" and generates the error:Ensure to insta...

Ai suite 3 - windows 10 1903 update issue

Hi,I have updated to the latest version of Windows 10 1903 this afternoon and since then AI Suite 3 has stopped working. This isn't the first time this has happened after updating Windows 10.I usually just do a search and after looking around find a ...

kc2014 by Level 7
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RGB turns off when monitor goes to sleep

Is this some kind of new feature? I noticed recently that when my monitor goes to sleep all the RGB (mobo, gpu, ram, AIO) turns off. The PC is still ON just the monitor that goes to sleep. Is there an option to leave the RGB ON?

ASUS... who are you hiring to design and build applications?

It's the year 2021. Why does your software look like something built in 1995? Why does EVERY install or uninstall have random errors popping up lol. All of your software doesn't have a unified design. I've had nothing but problems with each applicat...

RGBJOY by Level 8
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RoG Win 7 Themes

This might not be the right place to put this here thread, but I hope it'll get some attention and hopefully solve my problem. After which I'm happy to remove it. Now on to the matter at hand. As the title mentions, This website, Republic of Gamers h...

Rizach by Level 7
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