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GPU TWEAK not working...

OS: win 7 x64Graph cards: Dual gtx690Motherboard: ASUS rampage 4 FormulaProcessor: i7 3960xMemory: Quad Corsair Vengeance 1600MhzRunning ALL latest WHQL drivers (no BETA's)I'm having a few problems with GPU Tweak...GPU tweak is installed it just does...

s1DDy by Level 7
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GPU Voltage

Sorry, I'm a newb here. I'm using Gigabyte GTX580 3GB, at stock, the GPU Clock and GPU Voltage are 772MHz and 1050mV repectively, and I increase the GPU Clock to 800MHz without increasing the voltage, will i face any shortage problem? What happens if...

GPU tweak monitor window + SLI = :S

i first noticed this when i first upgraded to sli but i didnt really look into it too much,but on the monitor window gpu tweak is getting confused,im not sure which way round it is mixed but i think the temperature value for card one is actually show...

MrRyaz by Level 10
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How to show temp in fahrenheit

I'm going nuts looking through all the setting but I can't get it to show the temp in Fahrenheit, will only show in Celsius.Any help would be grateful.

GPU Monitor Help

I have been using the GPU Monitor to try and identify a problem with my computer. Could someone please explain, to me, what 'VID Usage, %' does/means?--------------------------------------------------------------------If anyone has any insigt into wh...

GPU Tweak voltage and HOT Keys

My HD 7770 was idling at 0.825 and full load on 1.215.Since I overclocked my CPU, DIMM and motherboard through BIOS I see that my GPU voltage is stuck at 1.000 V.It doesn't go to 0.825 V on idle and neither above 1.000 V on full load.I tried to chang...

Gpu Tweak 2.1.71 wont run

Hi there guys.So here's my problem, i am trying to oc sapphire 6790 but Gpu tweak wont run.Actually it runs for 3-5 seconds, it shows in the process tab, but i cant find it anywhere.Gpu tweak monitor starts with no problem.I have tried gpu tweak in t...

Fefos93 by Level 7
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Latest GPU Tweak Version 2124 wont run.

HI everyone, it can be just me or everyone , but i want to report that the latest GPUTweak Ver2124 cannot start on my machine. The app crashes after launch. This is on Win7 Pro 64bit. I think the exact video card in the build has nothing to do with i...

madmav by Level 7
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GPU Tweak v2.1.7.1 - benchmark button broken?

Hardware can be found in my signature. I installed the latest build from the ASUS website on a fresh install of Win 7 x64. When I click on the "Benchmark" button I receive the message "Cannot open application!" Nothing will launch. Why is this?

Psychor by Level 7
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