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AI Suite III, too much overclocking?

Because I've been experimenting, I've had to restore my system disk a few times. This has caused me to run the ASUS Suite III 4 way setup multiple times. Somehow I did something different the last time I ran it and the EPU setup ran differently. It r...

fneske by Level 7
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How do you stop ramdisk from saving its contents on shutdown?

I just installed the Ramdisk software. I suppose my use case is different from the other articles I have found online because I do NOT want the contents of the ramdisk to be saved when the machine loses power. How do I stop this from happening?

Medwynd by Level 8
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Help with maximus Impact Fan controller

Hello guys i have the maximus impact mini itx boardI recently bought 2 LED strips from icemodz with 3 pin fan connectors on so that i could mount them to my motherboard i was hoping to be able to turn them on and off with the ai suite fan controller ...

My Windows 8.1 is having serious problem.

My windows 8.1 pro x64 is behaving very weird. The day before yesterday, I found that it started to load any directory i.e. This PC, or other drives very lately and at last, I closed the window after waiting about 20 min. Yesterday, NFS MW (2005) sta...

Ubuntu 13.10

Hi..... I am thinking of installing Ubuntu 13.10 but have a few questions i need answering first please. Only used Windoze to date apart from a few occasions of using an Apple OS at college on a software course in Quark/Adobe Illustrator/InDesign. As...

martyn by Level 10
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Bluetooth problem

I do currently own a Asus x551ca-hcl1201l notebook and my question is that how do I make the Bluetooth work fine after updating to Windows 8.1? I basically had a problem in the device manager and I uninstalled it and see if it will detect the hardwar...

AI suite III problems

I honestly never seen such crappy software in my life. in the past 4 months that i have had this mobo i had to keep a install folder and cleaner on my desktop because the software would fail at least every 3 weeks. i was using windows 8. i Just fresh...

WEB cam k43sm

Hi , My notbook is k43sm , i installed windows 8.1 and download drive webcam for windows 8.1 but ofter installid drive my web cam not worked Error : The Model does not support LifeFrame3.Please Help me Thanks all

Uptime by Level 7
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