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FN Keyboard backlight keys not working?

Apologies if this is the wrong area to bring this up, but still.I rarely use the RGB lights on my 2021 A15, but it was a novel feature and all the functions worked as should. Recently I was watching Netflix in the dark and went to turn on the backli...

ASUS Live Update keeps popping up after uninstall

Hi! I've performed a clean install and then I installed ASUS Live Update that I downloaded from the drivers section of my model (GL504GM) to install some ASUS programs and uninstalled it right away. The problem is that after uninstalling it every tim...

Asus AI Suite III - can't start

Yesterday after few updates doesn't start Asus AI Suite III. i've messege - invalid class string, progID: "aaHM.acpiHmData2"tried reinstall and install several times, deleted folder, tried version 52 and 78, nothing helps. before that on current Win1...

Why Such Limited RGB Control in Aura / Armory Crate?

So, coming into this RGB thing, especially with addressable RGB, one might expect a little too much. But even then, ASUS' RGB software is seriously lacking, and in a lot of cases, some of the effects just don't do what they should. For example, when ...

Armoury Crate profile settings tab not working on g733qs

HiToday i try to play some game and i notice that fan control do not working correctly from armoury crate. I try hardware diagnostic -> fan in MyAsus and during this process setting fan working fine. For now fan stuck at 3,8k rpm but it is quite nois...

czmoku by Level 7
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RefreshRateService freeze the systemaleatory

Aplicación: RefreshRateService.exeVersión de Framework: v4.0.30319Descripción: el proceso terminó debido a una excepción no controlada.Información de la excepción: System.Security.Principal.IdentityNotMappedException en System.Security.Principal.NT...

Tri4C3 by Level 7
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Armoury crate (Issue that melt the Laptop)

Hi, my laptop is a Rog Zephyrus GX70GXR, i7 9750h 32gb ram rtx2080, 1 tb ssd nvme, i got two units, after last uptade of Rog Armoury, i noticed that the sound of the fans is weird, so i look the temperatures and i see 96ºC iddle, well i report the i...

Asus GPU Tweak II issue

Hi there! I've been using Tweak II just to increase my fps in games. And I always set Fan Speed to 70%. The problem is when I reload the computer or shut is down and then turn on again, the fans start to work at 70% speed themselves. To solve this, I...


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