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LightingService.exe is activating EAC anti-cheat on games

Built this new system around a X470 ROG Strix-F and now when I go to fire up a game that uses EAC for anti-cheat, Dirty Bomb in this instance, I get thisand am unable to launch the game. I've raised this with EAC and the reply I got back was thisTha...

Nifol by Level 7
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Armoury Crate not saving RGB after using Aura Sync

Hello, I've been using Armoury Crate for a while now, but I wanted to install Aura Sync to see what effects it had, but after trying it I didn't like any of it's effects more than Armoury Crate, so I uninstalled it, however, now everytime I boot the ...

Asus Aura losing settings.

I have Aura mobo and it defaults to rainbow vomit every time it's powered off or on. I'd like to know if there's a fix out there for this. I found this:"Hey guys for everyone who's still interested... I ACTUALLY HAVE A SOLUTION!!!!it took me several...

piotrl by Level 7
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armory crate wrong colours after time

im using the latest version of crateit works fine but when i lock my PC and come back in few hours the colours default back to rainbow.i thin khave to open the app, untick Sync header, re-tick sync header and it works again.and the process

Aisuite3 errors

I'm getting 2 errors. They are in the screen shot. Is there a solution? Thanks!

Robmoo by Level 8
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Faulting application name: LightingService.exe

LightingService is failing again & my Anime Matrix is completely down for days. Microsoft says they are reporting the issue to the vendor but Asus provides no updates.Worst of all, it keeps on failing regularly as it restarts every 10 seconds.Please ...

MiKr13 by Level 7
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Sonic Studio 3 not working

Hi guys i have a issue where, completely out of random when i open SS3 i get this error message:"The Current System is not supported, or the audio driver has not been properly installed"I know the software works because i never had a issue before, i...