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crappy bios

Where can i download a proper bios to my g750js? not some crappy bios were you cant even setup a proper boot sequence?I want to install windows 7 instead of windows 8 crap, but i seem unable to make a proper boot sequence to do so.. Very bad of you A...

Assigning an Keyboard combination on the ROG mouse.

How can I assign in the ROG mouse software a keyboard combination?edit: I mean, my ROG mouse has 2 extra buttons, and I want them to assign a key combo, like 1st button is CTRL+V and 2nd button is CTRL+Shift+Esc to enter task manager. I see you can a...

Has anyone seen this unusual toolbar?

As the title says - has anyone seen this toolbar before? replaced my mobo with a Maximus vii Hero a couple of days ago, reinstalled windows, installed all my drivers and now have this toolbar. It is annoying, and I can't find...

Opticz by Level 7
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asus g75vw bbk5 Upgrade questions

My recovery disks for whatever reason don't work.. i know i could buy the recovery disks from asus but i was just thinking of buying a straight copy of windows 7 pro.. would i be able to run all of the asus drivers and such on it?

asus laptop recovery disc

hey after purchase asus laptop recovery disc , asus will be show download link or nop ... ?

sollabe by Level 7
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AI Suite 3 - Slows startup times WIN 7 x64

Hi All,Anyone else seem to notice that although booting into window is pretty quick, once windows displays the desktop and starts loading the various startup items, AI Suite 3 just hangs the system for a good 2 to 3 minutes? I mean nothing wants to s...

Lex8P by Level 7
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Fan Speed option?

Hi - Have a ROG G750JX with an NVIDIA GEForce 770M - Having issues with VERY loud fan; downloaded GPU Tweak, have it set to advanced options, but I don't have a FAN Speed option. Any thoughts? THanks very much.

gamefirst iii

okay so how do you add programs to let them be optimized. theres no "show all programs" box to check. I'm confused. How do you set this up? maximus vii hero

BlakeC by Level 7
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Tan amables que controlador me hace falta en portatil aus k55vd para que me funcine el @ con la q