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GTX 770 2GB DirectCU II issue, monitor goes blank

Got a new GPU, my monitor goes blank when I try to play a game.I have the driver up to dateI have a Corsair CX750M PSU, it has 62 A on the +12v rail.Could my BIOS be the issue ?Should I update it? I dont know how to do it. I have tried a patch from t...

Asus Z87-PRO Realtek HD Audio Question

Hi there, I'm new to this forum and I didn't know where to put my question, so I decided to put it here, sorry for any troubles. I have been looking all over this forum from both the hardware related audio problems and Realtek HD Audio forums, and n...

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How to dual boot Win7+Win8/P8Z77V-Deluxe

Here is my issue:DISK1: SSD with Windows 7x64 Ultimate installed and running fineDISK2: 2nd internal HD for dataDISK3: SSD with Windows 8x64 Pro installedSo my initial configuration (stable and working fine) is DISK1+DISK2. I then disconnected DISK2 ...

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ASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.4

ASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.3 for Vista32/64 , Win7 32/64 , Win8 32/64 , Win8.1 32/64. Update release: May 22, 2014 File size: 26.13 MBytesASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.4 for Vista32/64 , Win7 32/64 , Win8 32/64 , Win8.1 32/64. Update release: June 06, 2014File size: 26...

How do i get shaders to go on?

When I go to gpu-z it says shaders clock: MHZ other people shaders are on actual numbers like say 1035 MHZ how do I get it to turn on my specs are: Intel core i3 4130t, 4gb ram, Nvidia gt 640.

W8.1 black screen on startup

Hey guys, running windows 8.1 here. Self build just a few days agoRecently, I've been experiencing a black screen just after the windows logo but before the welcome screen on windows 8.1. It lasts about 5-12 seconds.Some things I've done:Disable auto...

Available in windows 8.1 pro?

hello everyone!I am planning on getting the G750JS-DS71 with 16 gig memory, 256meg SSD, 1 tb drive... It seems to only come with Windows 8.1... i really need 8.1 PRO... Does it come with pro? if not, what;s the best way to upgrade? complete reinstal...

AMDA Interface

Hi All,I'm having an issue with the driver loading... (Windows 8.1, Maximus VI Gene, All latest drivers) The "AMDA Interface" device is showing with exclamation sign in Device Manager after boot. If I disable it and then enable it loads just fine... ...

Win 7 drivers for G750J - Please Help!

My boss just lent me a ASUS G750J. He just formatted it and put Win 7 on it.In device manager the following items have exclamation points on them:BCM20702A0Network ControllerSM Bus ControllerUniversal Serial Bus (USB) ControllerI searched the ASUS su...

What is LINUX?

I know I probably sound lame, but could someone please explain to me what Linux is. I see it a lot in this forums and I have no idea what people talking about

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