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ASUS AI Suite III V1.00.56 windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

Hello, I have a motherboard asus maximus extreme vI, I tried to download the latest update for the program ASUS AI Suite V1.00.56 III selecting correctly from the site of the operating system support asus windows 7 64 bit. When I try to click the lau...


Rampage III Formula & Sensor Recorder

Greetings,I just installed the AI Suite II and I keep getting warnings as follows - Warning CPU Voltage 0.178 0.224 Warning ICH PCIE Voltage 0.Warning IOH Voltage 0.I have not been able to save the last two voltages. They justpop up and disappear t...

D_F_E_ by Level 7
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GTX 770 2GB DirectCU II issue, monitor goes blank

Got a new GPU, my monitor goes blank when I try to play a game.I have the driver up to dateI have a Corsair CX750M PSU, it has 62 A on the +12v rail.Could my BIOS be the issue ?Should I update it? I dont know how to do it. I have tried a patch from t...

Asus Z87-PRO Realtek HD Audio Question

Hi there, I'm new to this forum and I didn't know where to put my question, so I decided to put it here, sorry for any troubles. I have been looking all over this forum from both the hardware related audio problems and Realtek HD Audio forums, and n...

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How to dual boot Win7+Win8/P8Z77V-Deluxe

Here is my issue:DISK1: SSD with Windows 7x64 Ultimate installed and running fineDISK2: 2nd internal HD for dataDISK3: SSD with Windows 8x64 Pro installedSo my initial configuration (stable and working fine) is DISK1+DISK2. I then disconnected DISK2 ...

perseid by Level 7
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ASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.4

ASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.3 for Vista32/64 , Win7 32/64 , Win8 32/64 , Win8.1 32/64. Update release: May 22, 2014 File size: 26.13 MBytesASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.4 for Vista32/64 , Win7 32/64 , Win8 32/64 , Win8.1 32/64. Update release: June 06, 2014File size: 26...

How do i get shaders to go on?

When I go to gpu-z it says shaders clock: MHZ other people shaders are on actual numbers like say 1035 MHZ how do I get it to turn on my specs are: Intel core i3 4130t, 4gb ram, Nvidia gt 640.

W8.1 black screen on startup

Hey guys, running windows 8.1 here. Self build just a few days agoRecently, I've been experiencing a black screen just after the windows logo but before the welcome screen on windows 8.1. It lasts about 5-12 seconds.Some things I've done:Disable auto...

Available in windows 8.1 pro?

hello everyone!I am planning on getting the G750JS-DS71 with 16 gig memory, 256meg SSD, 1 tb drive... It seems to only come with Windows 8.1... i really need 8.1 PRO... Does it come with pro? if not, what;s the best way to upgrade? complete reinstal...