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Uninstall SONIC STUDIO now!

It is NOT compatible with Win11it will crash video driver when windows start up and black screen before login....remove it and all problem gone.Have tried fresh install 3 times and proven it is the problem source for black screen before login.No prob...

Kaspersky and ASUS software

People with Kaspersky security stuff installed is unable to use ASUS software starting June 24.Please read this thread in Kaspersky Support forum:

Bitdefender and Asus Software

TLDR; If you have BD installed, then for god's sake, don't install/run or just uninstall GameFirst VI, it will slow your internet speed to a crawl, mess with internet pages (partial download), and limit or eliminate your ability to download files.Ver...

Asus Fan Xpert 3 with a Z-170A - fans always spinning

HiI wanted to fine tune my Corsair LL120 fans so they didn't spin up during regular use.I ran the fan utility in the BIOS and then used the optimiser feature in the Fan Xpert 3 utility.Things are worse now though as even at 0%, my fans are set to spi...

ROG Software is breaking many things. Crosshair VIII Formula

Asus ROG software that Armoury Crate must have installed even though ive also removed that and made sure the install armoury crate setting in the bios is disabled...its driving me insane.First off why is it installing RGB software for hardware I dont...

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GPU Tweak III Interferes with Amazon Kindle for PC

When I have GPU Tweak III (latest stable version) open, it interferes with Amazon KIndle for PC. When I open any Kindle book that I own with that app, the app always crashes. When I have GPU Tweak III closed, Kindle always functions normally with n...

AI Suite 3 Change CPU temp for fan curve

Is there a way to change what temp is set for the CPU in AI suite/ Fan xpert uses for my fan curves?Basically it is using the CPU temp instead of CPU package which gives it the correct temps.As you can see from hwinfo the difference between the two c...

AURA SYNC and icue4 issues

I recently upgraded icue to version 4, was working great, until I wanted to make some changes when my system locked, so I ajusted the lighting link in icue a bit, now everytime windows comes out of lock screen mode my aura sync doesn't sync the memor...