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G750's wireless issues

Hi, everyone, I use fedora 20 all the time, but my new laptop g750jw which with BCM 4352(no driver recently) can not identify by fedora 20 and Ubuntu 13.10, it seems the only solution from Google is to use "ndiswrapper", since I can not access inter...

Jesise by Level 7
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No sound out of the hdmi cable.

Hope this is the right forum part.I use the generic grafic of the Intel i7 4770k on a z97 board with win 8.1.My problem is that i get no sound out of the hdmi cable when I connect the computer to a tv-set.Well, a little googling on the problem gets t...

Wickman by Level 7
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Unable to change voltage on 6970 DirectCu II

Hello,I'm trying to overclock my ASUS DirecCU II AMD 6970, I've tried pretty much everything, from MSI afterburner, to ASUS GPU Tweak and back. The only tool that allows me to actually control the voltage on my card seems to be an old version of ASUS...

Samuele by Level 7
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GPU Tweak support for Radeon 6000 Series cards?

I have the EAH6950 DCII 2GB card and when I try to change the gpu voltage, it always changes to 307 mV when i hit apply. This is quite odd considering the lowest amount it ever uses is 900 mV for 2D. Is this a bug? Is there anyone who has a same gene...

sebzag by Level 7
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GPU Tweat volatage ajust is NOT working propperly for me!

i have recently encountered a problerm with the gpu tweak software, first happened a few weeks ago, no noteable reason for it to happen and it fixed by shutting down my pc for a while (10-20mins) and it was ok for a while. and it has just happened ag...

MrRyaz by Level 10
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Can't adjust voltage with HD7970 DCII

Hi!I got my new card yesterday (ASUS HD7970-DC2-3GD5) and have been trying it out since then. I have a small problem however. If I go into GPU Tweaks settings and enable "Overclocking range enhancement" the voltage is still stuck on 1178-1188 mV whil...

Voltage weird Gtx 580 matrix things

I Oc'ed my GTX 580 matrix to 940 Mhz with a voltage of 1,138 ( I wan't it on 1,130 but it automatically goes to 1,138) and it is STABLE with good temperatures around 75c but here comes the problem: My problem is that when I start my PC it is on 1,150...


GPU Tweak bug. Minimum GPU voltage too low?

Kepler cards run stock at 1175mV.GPU Tweak cannot set minimum voltage higher than 1150mV.0.025mV = 156 Mhz.Up and down throttling of 156 Mhz is random loss of 4 FPS now and then in game.How to enable GPU Tweak to set minimum of 1175mV so no throttlin...

Gold333 by Level 7
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Lowering Voltage doesn't work

I've my GTX580 Matrix OC'd to 940mhz with a voltage of 1125 ( used clock and voltage sync ) but now I everywhere here that it also can on a voltage of 1115. But here comes the problem when I try to lower the voltage ( and yes I had it sync off ) and ...