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GPU Tweak resets my resolution and refresh rate

I am forced to use EVGA Precision X because ASUS GPU Tweak can randomly reset my resolution and refresh rate when I load a saved profile. I think it happens due to have different screens, but even if I try to load a profile on the screen that I used ...

Turning off Hibernation wont work?

Ok so like the topic says, ive pretty much installed 64 GB of Ram so i pretty much want to recover that space but i did the way your supposed to by writing in the cmd "powercfg -h off" wont work so i have no idea what the problem is anyone got any su...

OLIMOPA by Level 7
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Unable to install Asus AI suite 3

Hello everyone,I just reinstalled my windows 8.1 pro because of usb driver corruption that occurred due to windows update driver update.So i basically installed all my drivers using DRP(Driver Pack Solution) and all went well.Th...

Strange freeze in Ubuntu14.04

Hello,Brand new on this forum so apologies if I break any rules. I search the forum but it is a big one anf could not find a similar issue.I just treated myself to a brand new G750JM-DS71. I never had such a fast computer.I am not a Windows fan so in...

I'm using USB Charger + ?

Hi all,i'm connected my iPhone 4S to the back USB port (White one) for the fast charging function. But i dont know if my mobo really is fast charging my phone. Because i can't press the icon that should charge my phone fast. When i select that one it...

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Ai Suite 3 not loading

Getting following errors when trying to load Ai Suite 3 :1. LoadImage:Can not load image C:\Program Files (x86)\Asus\AiSuite III\image\Monitor\usage\color_01.png2. Aisuite3:The parameter is incorrect.OS:- Windows 8.1 64BitCPU:- Intel Core i7-4770KMOB...

Mamock by Level 7
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Windows 9: Are M$ driving away their customers? Windows leaker WZOR has been at it again revealing more interesting details about the upcoming Windows 9 OS. Microsoft is set to overhaul the way...

ASUS GPU Tweak problem

Hello, I've got problem with GPU Tweak, when I want to OC my Graphic Card like this:and I click "apply" i got this:I don't know what is going on, pls help me guys. Spec: Intel Core i7 3770k 4,6GHzASUS GTX 770 DirectCu II 2GB OCGPU Driver: GeForce 340...

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Request: Bios with Computrace Removed

Hello, while my laptop is out of warranty (G73JW, 2011), I am unhappy with the inability to disable computrace in the bios. Computrace has been proven to be insecure, and in my mind, is a rootkit built into the bios just begging for certain governmen...